San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid. 36 Los Manzanos Street.

Start Date

January 2025.


Limited to a maximum of 16 students.


  • Different dilutions and brush strokes.

  • Basic concepts of anatomy. Face 30mm.

  • Basic concepts of anatomy. Face 75mm.

  • Basic concepts of anatomy. Face bust.

  • Basic concepts of anatomy. Full body 75mm.

  • Sketch and initial color scheme.

  • Airbrush, use and basic concepts.

  • Inks and saturation.


  • Basic color theory.

  • Contrasts. All the secrets, what they are and how to use them.


  • All the secrets about the “definition”. On the first day we paint a complete GW Space Marine. On the second day we paint a complete academic bust.

  • Demonstration of non-metallic metal (silver).

  • Demonstration of non-metallic metal (gold).

  • We make a base with snow (group).

  • We carry out a desert base (group).

  • Initial textures leather and fabrics.

  • We make a base with vegetation (group).

  • Composition and depth.

  • The importance of the brushstroke and the drawing.


  • OSL effects.

  • Creation and painting of backgrounds.


  • Ambience.

  • Composition and depth.

  • The importance of the brushstroke and the drawing. Generate noise on flat surfaces.

  • Advanced silver plated non-metallic metal.

  • Halloween Special “Zombie Party”.

  • Advanced gold-plated non-metallic metal.

  • Advanced face painting.

  • Complex Textures.

  • Christmas Special.


  • Comic book” style painting. One day of painting a chibi of Dracula.

  • Global analysis of each student and sharing, completed projects, learning and improvement, personal insights, etc.


  • Workshop on “skin” painting. We will work and deepen in the painting of different types of skin, textures, tones, etc.

288 hours per year

Two Fridays a month:
– During two Fridays of each month, an open session is offered in the classroom with David Arroba.
– The schedule for these sessions is from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm.
– Within this schedule, there is a structured class with fixed content that is taught from 18:00 to 20:00.
– Outside of this class period, students are free to work on their own projects and can receive guidance and feedback from David.

One day every two months:
– Every two months, a full day of painting is organized, either on Saturday or Sunday, lasting 8 hours.
– During this day, the whole day will be dedicated to working on a specific painting theme.

Intensive weekend format:
– In addition, three full weekends are scheduled throughout the year, dedicated to intensive painting sessions.
– Each of these weekends includes two full 8-hour work days.

This format allows for a combination of structured learning and free time for personal practice, along with periodic intensive sessions to delve deeper into specific painting topics.

Included material

  • Material transport box.
  • RedGrass table protector.
  • RedGrass wet palette.
  • Vallejo Colors basic paint set (Game Color.)
  • Figures and material of various brands (Akelarre Models, Hera Models…).
  • Artis Opus Brush Set
  • Hera Models Pigments Set

Extra benefits

Benefits of the Academy:
– Community Environment: Sharing the experience with other miniature painting enthusiasts allows for the exchange of ideas, techniques and tips, enriching learning and fostering a creative community.
– Adequate space: The academy provides an environment perfectly equipped with all the necessary tools and materials, optimizing the process of artistic creation.
– Professional Guidance: Having the guidance of professionals such as David Arroba, with more than 8 years of experience in the field of teaching ensures a structured and personalized training, facilitating the development of skills and continuous improvement.
– Flexibility and Structure: Open sessions and scheduled classes offer a balanced combination of free time for personal projects and guided learning.
– Special Events: Full days and intensive weekends allow to deepen specific techniques and tackle more ambitious projects, improving skills and creativity.

Latest student work