Black-Vallejo Primer Spray


Primer spray for metal, plastic and resin figures.
Black 78,012
400ml/9.31 oz/264 g spray bottle.

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Spray primer for metal, plastic and resin miniatures, with high pigment concentration for use on metal, plastic or resin miniatures. It dries quickly, offering a perfect matte and self-leveling finish that respects and highlights even the smallest details of models and miniatures.

The shades of the sprays are equivalent to those of their corresponding color in the color ranges for brush use such as Game Color or Model Color, so that both painting techniques can be combined.

Each spray incorporates a plastic ring (painted with the same color of the spray) for a correct identification of the spray, as well as 2 nozzles: a precision nozzle, especially recommended for detail work and a medium nozzle, recommended for thicker strokes and larger surfaces.


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