David Arroba – Artis Opus Mixed Brush Set (5-Brush DELUXE)


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This product includes:

  • Premium wooden box customized by David.

– S Series Brush Size 5
– S Series Brush Size 2
– S Series Brush Size 1
– Brush size 000 S Series
– Brush size 2 M Series

– Soap for brushes 3ml

– 1X Akelarre Models Catalog Premium Print

– 2X Akelarre Models Sticker

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The brush set has been entirely designed by David Arroba in collaboration with Artis Opus. Each brush is handmade in the UK using the highest quality pure Kolinsky sable, and goes through a rigorous triple testing process to ensure it meets exacting industry-leading quality standards.

David’s words about his set, style and brush collection:

“The main purpose of the brushes I have designed is to offer the greatest versatility to the painter. The set includes five brushes that allow you to work on any scale of figures. It has larger brushes for larger scales and smaller brushes to offer great precision on small scale figures. Personally, I prefer the long-haired brushes, since in my style of painting, when working with paint that is not very diluted, the paint tends to dry faster on the short-haired brushes, which makes drawing more difficult. However, I have included a short-haired M2 brush because I think it is a “wild card” in the set, with unique properties that are very useful for both large and small scales, especially for fine details.”

  • Number 5 S Series: Fundamental for working on large scale parts, covering large surfaces quickly. Thanks to the high quality of Artis Opus, this brush has a large body and a good tip, allowing you to work on details from the very beginning.
  • Number 2 Series S: Ideal for adding more detail and deepening large scale figures once the initial work is completed. This long-haired brush offers a great balance between a smaller body and a good tip for adding detail.
  • Number 2 Series M: The “wild card” of the set. A very versatile and useful brush for both large and small scales.
  • Number 1 S Series: The optimum brush for initial work on smaller scale models. It has a good body for fast coverage of the first coats and an excellent tip for initial detailing.
  • Number 000 Series S: This brush is essential for my painting style. The really small brushes are perfect for detail work on small-scale miniatures, offering a high level of precision and a tremendous ability to add small details. It’s very important to have this fantastic 000 on the set.”