Vallejo Paints: A Complete and Detailed Guide

Introduction to Vallejo Paints

Vallejo Paints is a brand of acrylic paints highly recognized in the world of art and modeling. Founded in 1965, Vallejo has demonstrated a firm commitment to quality and innovation, continually expanding its product range to meet the needs of artists, modelers and hobbyists. With a trajectory spanning more than half a century, Vallejo has established itself as a benchmark in the acrylic paint industry.

History and development of Vallejo

Vallejo began his career in New Jersey, USA, in 1965. Initially, the company focused on the manufacture of acrylic colors for animated films. In 1969, Vallejo moved its headquarters to Spain, taking advantage of the presence of numerous animation studios in Europe. In 1972, Vallejo launched Acrylic Artist Color, the first acrylic for fine arts manufactured in Spain and one of the first in Europe. This launch marked the beginning of a series of innovations that continue to this day.

In 1981, Vallejo introduced Model Color, a range of acrylic colors specially formulated for modeling and miniature painting. Since then, the company has developed several product lines, each tailored to the specific needs of different market segments, including art, model making and board games.

Vallejo Product Ranges

Model Color

This line is designed primarily for modeling and painting miniatures. It consists of 220 colors, including opaque, metallic and transparent shades. Model Color paints are characterized by their excellent opacity, matte finish and fast drying time, making them ideal for fine details and small surfaces. Model Color bottles are made from recycled and recyclable r-PET, underlining Vallejo’s commitment to sustainability.

Liquid Metal NEW!

This is a line of alcohol-based metallic paints, which offers exceptional gloss and intensity. Liquid Metal is ideal for metallic details on miniatures and models, providing a highly reflective and durable finish.

Model Air

Specially formulated for airbrushing, this line has 129 colors that can also be applied with a brush for small details. Model Air is known for its ability to create smooth, uniform layers, making it ideal for large surfaces and fine details. Model Air paints have a low viscosity and are ready to use directly with an airbrush.

Metal Color

This range is designed to replicate the appearance of metals in models and miniatures. It offers very realistic metallic colors, ranging from aluminum to copper and stainless steel. Metal Color is ideal for applications requiring an authentic and detailed metallic finish.

Panzer Aces

Developed in collaboration with professional modelers, this line offers specific colors for military vehicles and uniforms. Panzer Aces includes realistic tones based on historical colors, facilitating the creation of accurate and detailed models.

Game Color

Developed specifically for board games and wargaming miniatures, this range includes 119 colors, washes and inks. Formulated to withstand frequent handling, Game Color paints offer opaque coverage without losing fine detail. The Game Color formula is more resistant than Model Color, adapting to the needs of the miniatures handled during games.

Xpress Color

This is a line of highly pigmented, fast flowing paints designed to cover large areas with a single coat. Xpress Color is ideal for fast painting techniques and for applying shadow and light effects efficiently.

Game Air

Similar to Model Air, this line is formulated for airbrushing but specifically adapted for board game miniatures. Game Air offers vivid and durable colors, designed to resist wear and provide a uniform finish.

Main Features of Vallejo Paints

  • High pigmentation: Vallejo paints are formulated with a high concentration of pigments, which provides intense and consistent colors even in thin coats. This feature is essential for achieving accurate and vibrant finishes on miniatures and models.
  • Durability: Vallejo paints are known for their resistance to wear, which is crucial for miniatures and models that are frequently handled. This durability ensures that the parts maintain their original appearance for a long time.
  • Easy application and mixing: The creamy consistency of Vallejo paints facilitates its application and mixing. Colors can be easily combined to create new shades and custom effects, allowing artists and modelers to experiment and customize their projects.
  • Airbrush compatibility: Many Vallejo ranges, such as Model Air and Premium Color, are suitable for airbrushing, offering a smooth and uniform application. Even ranges designed primarily for brush use, such as Model Color and Game Color, can be diluted for airbrush use.

Tips for painting with Vallejo Paints

  1. Surface preparation: Before you start painting, make sure the surface is clean and dry. Applying a primer can improve the adhesion of the paint and highlight the fine details of the miniature or model.
  2. Proper thinning: Although Vallejo paints have an excellent consistency, thinning them slightly with water or specific mediums can improve their application and prevent excessive coverage of fine details.
  3. Application in thin coats: It is preferable to apply several thin coats of paint instead of one thick coat. This helps maintain fine details and provides a smoother, more professional finish.
  4. Use of advanced techniques: Techniques such as wet blending, dry brushing and layering can add depth and realism to miniatures. These advanced techniques allow you to create shadow, light and texture effects that make miniatures stand out.

Innovations and future development

Vallejo continues to innovate and improve its products to meet the changing needs of the market. Recently, they have introduced recycled and recyclable r-PET bottles, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. In addition, they continue to develop new formulations and product ranges to remain at the forefront of the acrylic paint industry.


Vallejo Paints offers an integral solution for all your painting needs, from modeling and wargaming to fine arts. With a wide range of colors and ancillary products, along with its commitment to quality and innovation, Vallejo is a reliable and versatile choice for artists and modelers of all levels. The high pigmentation, durability and ease of use of its paints ensure that both beginners and professionals can obtain a professional finish on their projects.

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